We’ve launched our Beginner’s Guide to Vaping


Well, it’s been over 3 months of hard work, writing, designing, editing, and developing our very first guide to vaping.

While many of you fall into the “advanced” vaper category, this guide will serve as an entry point for your friends, family, and co-workers who are just getting their feet wet in the vaping world.

Vaping is pretty damn overwhelming the first time you jump into it. Cartos, clearos, atomizers, mods, ohms, resistance, and the countless slang terms make it really difficult for beginners.

So that is why we made this guide, we hope you share it with all those who you think could benefit. We’re definitely not perfect and we’ve probably missed a few things. Let us know! We want to make this guide the best in the world of vaping.

You can read it here: http://onvaping.com/beginners-guide-to-vaping/

P.S. It’s around 20,000 words so it’ll take a bit of time to read through the whole thing. You can also download the entire PDF version for printing by clicking on the PDF link at the bottom of each chapter.

One thought on “We’ve launched our Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

  1. Hi.
    I found your web site by ‘Googling’ ‘Beginners Guide To Gaping’ and downloaded the PDF version. It’s certainly the best I’ve found so far.

    I’m new to gaping. My Dad smoked cigarettes from the late 40’s till the late 60’s when he switched to a pipe. Then last year my Mom and myself got him a Kamry K1000 ePipe which he liked for the reason that he could reduce the nicotine content but disliked because of its weight. He gradually reduced the nicotine down to 3% and had bought some 0% nicotine menthol e-liquid to try. Unfortunately he passed away last February.

    I found his e-pipe and sorting his stuff out and decided I would like to try the menthol mix, so I cleaned the tank out and replaced the the coil then part filled the pipe with the zero nicotine menthol mix and tried it.

    The last time I smoked was back in 1980 after only smoking ‘certain substances’ with tobacco for a while after my wife died. So starting to ‘vape’ was an odd decision, however, I suffer from catarrh when the weather gets a bit cold and damp. It is rather odd because I noticed that the catarrh had eased a bit and I wasn’t having to clear my throat. I experimented over a couple of weeks and, yes, it really does help me.

    It’s got to be odd for someone to take up gaping when they don’t smoke but I have been looking into gaping. I’ve found out, from an acquaintance who is a hospital technician, that Propylene Glycol is used in nebulisers as a carrier for medications and the Vegetable Glycerin and flavouring are both food grade. There’s a bit of worry about the VG and flavours, although OK to ingest, inhaling, but it’s a minor worry for me.

    Now I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy the menthol ‘hit’ and the fact that my catarrh is better when I vape is a bonus.

    It must seem strange that someone who doesn’t smoke has started vaping but I don’t have problems with that and I do try to discourage younger people, (I’m 57), from starting but give them encouragement to switch from smoking.

    This web site is the best one I’ve found so far so I’m going to follow it.

    Dave F


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