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Premium e-liquid delivered monthly. Zamplebox is the original and largest e-juice subscription service with every box being curated to your tastes. Zamplebox has 3 different subscription levels: 3 bottles, 6 bottles, and 11 bottles.

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6 reviews for Zamplebox

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    The idea of Zamplebox is great. Low monthly cost for tons of juice. In execution however, I found that I was disappointed more often than not. I jumped in on Zamplebox very early on. Within the first month or so of the service starting. With my initial package I received the wrong nicotine level. (12mg instead of the 6mg I requested) I decided to go ahead and try them out anyway, honestly had a hard time finding a flavor I liked out of the bunch. I got a bottle of Frankenvape, which was great, and a Golden Drops Churro which was also quite tasty. Aside from that, the liquid was very poor.i could just be stingy, and maybe they have improved with time.
    Personally, I would recommend Drip Club instead

  2. :

    I have been a Zamplebox member scene January, 2014.I have always been happy with Zamplebox and have picked them over other subscriptions I’ve tried.Fast shipping ,great customer support,new brands added all the time, and great price.
    I’m not happy with every bottle I get, but it’s a sampling service and the flavor profile has come along way.They even offer a max vg only option now.

  3. :

    I’ve been with ZampleBox for 14 months and I’ve never been disappointed with any of my boxes. It’s a sampling service, not a pay 70% off retail and get exactly what you want service. Those don’t exist. However, since they’ve rolled out the new flavor profile system, I’ve been very happy with every single eliquid I have gotten. I’ll keep my subscription til the day I stop vaping. The entire team is amazing, too and customer service is by far, the best there is in the vaping community. It may have taken a bit of time to perfect the service and they’re still striving for greater things. Can’t ask for much more. As for other sub services, they’re great for knowing exactly what you want and paying nearly the same price as you would directly from the vendors, if you’re looking for something different every month, go with ZampleBox.

  4. :

    Zamplebox is my preferred ejuice supplier with consistent delivery time, great flavors, excellent packaging with custom flavor menu, personal customization feature with their advanced flavor selector, and a great value for the low cost of subscription. My wife sent me a pic text of my Zamplebox when it arrive saying “now you have something to look forward to at the end of the day.” How cool is that! You’ve tried the rest now try the best, Zamplebox! You won’t be disappointed

  5. :

    I have only been using Zample Box for a month so far (one box) and I am awaiting my second box early next week. I am very new to vaping and was looking for some way to sample some flavors. This is the place. You make a flavor profile and they send you some juice. Out of the 11 bottles I received, 3 of them were fantastic, 3 were not so good (I’m sure they are great quality, I just did not care for the flavor) and 5 were good, not something I’d buy again but not unvapable either. All in all I got 165ml of juice for $50 and got to try some flavors that I would have never even seen at my local shops. Take a chance on a $20 three flavor box, you might find your new all day vape.

  6. :

    I have had zamplebox about 5 months now, Ive gotten maybe 2 bottles a month average i didnt like and discovered usually about 3-4 that I absolutely love and would have never found locally.

    Ive had all of maybe 3 issues with them, and theyve stepped up to the plate in taking care of getting replacements shipped out, usually with a bonus or 2 for the inconvenience, and all of their reps are easy going. As i understand it the owner even gets on and discusses constantly with the facebook community just to make sure he keeps people happy.

    If you only want juices you like, then just go buy some flavors. This is about trying something new without breaking the bank, and i have to say they really hit it on the head. Great brands, great price, great service.

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